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November 2023

Kids Can Cause Harm to Pets

Thursday, July 19, 2018
posted by Jim Murphy

There was a very heartbreaking story about a dog that was harmed by a child. It was about a dog named Layla who sustained very serious injuries because the owner’s  son’s friend tried  to ride on the dog’s back! The owner questioned whether he should inform his son’s friends parents and hold the boy responsible for his dog’s injuries. The fact of the matter that this owner is totally responsible for this poor dog’s injuries. Dog owners are responsible for supervising their pets when children are present. Some dogs are not fond of children and some children don’t understand that they could injure a dog if they play too rough. Injuries could also occur if the children are playing with the dog’s toys. The dog can get too excited and accidentally  jump on the child causing injuries.  If you have children, never leave them alone with the dog .  Owners are responsible for protecting their pets as well as the children that are in the room with them. Parents must also watch their kids when they are in the presence of someone who has pets. Make your pet the priority when people are visiting!

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