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October 2023

A New Friend

Wednesday, April 26, 2017
posted by Jim Murphy

henryAs pet lovers, we have to expect the unexpected. Over a year ago, our neighbors moved and left their cat Henry behind. Henry spent most of his life outdoors but leaving him behind, really disturbed me.¬†¬†After they moved, we didn’t see Henry anymore and I always wondered what happened to him. There were always “Henry sightings” but no actual proof that these sights were actually Henry, until now.

Yesterday, when I looked out on our porch, low and behold, there was Henry sitting under our table. I went to call him, he looked but ran away. Remember, feral cats always have their guard up. Today, I looked out on the porch and there was Henry again, this time sleeping peacefully under our table. I quietly opened the door but again Henry left. This time he stood at the bottom of the porch stairs and looked at me as I called his name.

I decided that if Henry is taking refuge on our porch, he should have some food and water. I left a bowl and food and fresh water for him in case he gets hungry.

Henry may have lost his home but at least we can do what we can to protect him and provide him some shelter and food.

Remember, your pets count!

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