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December 2023

Introducing Your Dog To A Stranger

Saturday, September 24, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

doghandshakeIf someone you know is coming over but has not met your dog, make sure that you are prepared. Keep your dog on a leash. When the doorbell rings and your dog begins to bark, correct this behavior in a calm but firm way. Because your dog is on is dog leash, you’re in control of the situation. Make sure that you greet the stranger first, then let your dog gently sniff the guest. After awhile, your dog should feel comfortable with the stranger in the house.

If your dog exhibits good behavior, reward him with a dog treat. If he’s calm or even lies down when the stranger is in the room, he deserves a treat.

Keep the meetings with your dog short at first especially if your dog get excited easily. If you are getting the feeling that your dog is getting agitated, take it slow. Remember that he is still on his dog leash and you’re still in control. He may need to stay on his leash for the duration of the visit.  No matter, how anxious your dog is, it’s important that you stay calm., don’t raise your voice and offer encouraging support.

Remember, your pets count.

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