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December 2023

Some Facts About Rabbits

Saturday, March 12, 2016
posted by Jim Murphy

rabbitEaster is just around the corner and those cute bunnies are popping up in pet stores everywhere. Many people, especially children prefer small animals as pets. Many bunnies end up in shelters because people just don’t know enough about them. Taking the proper care of a rabbit requires patience and care. Rabbits are not neat about where they poop. You’ll find their little pellets everywhere. The good news is that you can train them to go in a litter box. Rabbits also require a special diet. A mixture of rabbit food, fresh leafy vegetables, fresh water and hay should be available at all times.Plenty of hay is essential for their digestive system. Rabbits also groom themselves often.. The only problem is that they cannot vomit up their hairballs like cats do. Hair can get lodged in their digestive tract and cause lots of problems. Rabbits are small animals and should be kept in a cage. Cages can get dirty pretty fast, so they require cleaning on a regular basis. Pay close attention, if you see that your Rabbit is not pooping or eating, take him to the vet immediately. They can be ill and die very quickly if they don’t receive prompt medical attention. Do your homework before  adopting a rabbit.

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