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February 2024

A Few Ways to Make Your Dog Smell Better

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

DOGBATHSome people love that doggy smell but some would prefer either no smell at all or a cleaner aroma.  Fortunately improving your dogs smell is a relatively simple process. Sometimes the source of your dogs smell is something obvious like getting sprayed by a skunk or rolling in something nasty. If he was sprayed by a skunk, don’t use tomato juice to get rid of the smell, it doesn’t work.  Mix one quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide, one quarter cup of baking soda (not the powder), and one teaspoon of liquid  dish or hand soap. Sponge this all over your dog and rinse well.  Other ways to get rid of a dog smell that not caused by the obvious is regular bathing.  Use a good dog shampoo. Sometimes poor diet can cause a dog to smell.  Use a high quality dog food and eliminate spicy foods from his diet.  If your dog wears a muzzle and if he has long hair, keep the hair around his muzzle trimmed. Accumulated food can stick in his muzzle hair and cause odor. Long haired dogs should be groomed regularly especially in warm weather. Finally, clean your dogs teeth regularly. Bad breath can contribute to the odor problem.

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