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March 2024

The Slaughter of Dolphins in Japan another form of Cruelty to Animals

Wednesday, January 29, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy

SENSELESS KILLINGWe usually write about dogs and cats but there was a story that I heard today that really disturbed me. Each year, people kill about 22,000 dolphins and porpoises in Japan’s waters. The town is called Taji and every year they capture and kill these poor creatures. Dolphin is not an animal that should be eaten so this is done just for sport. ┬áThis is inhumane and should not be tolerated. The Japanese people say that it’s their tradition and is perfectly legal. They clearly don’t have any compassion for these creatures.

According to CNN, slaughterhouse-killing rules for livestock such as cattle require “rapid bleed out.” But when killing a dolphin, the workers create a massive spinal wound, then plug it to prevent the bleeding that would at least speed loss of consciousness to the dolphin, whose sensing brain remains undamaged.

I’m not singling out any particular group but I am opposed to any kind of animal cruelty. Too much of it exists. In our own country, dogs and cats are beaten and thrown to the curb to die. Each year in north Jersey, there’s a bear hunt. Hunters randomly shoot and kill black bears then brag about how many they killed. This is crazy and disgusting behavior. We need to try to put a stop to animal cruelty. Repost this blog, tweet about your feelings about this issue and do anything to get the word out that cruelty to animals in inhumane, senseless and will not be tolerated!

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