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The Dreaded Pet Carrier!

Sunday, January 26, 2014
posted by Jim Murphy
Millie, the cat who won't even consider her pet carrier!

Millie, the cat who won’t even consider her pet carrier!

I have a cat, who gets stressed out when she sees her pet carrier.  Although, I must say that as she’s gotten older, it’s become less of an issue. I used to have to leave it out and open in the house a few hours before our trip., I would put treats inside and a soft blanket but no use, she did not even consider it! I frequently travel 4 hours to Delaware for the weekends and don’t want to leave her at home. I usually bring her bed, put it on the back seat and have her lie in it without the pet carrier. This is not only dangerous for me, the driver who keeps looking back to see that she is OK but it’s dangerous for my cat who is not at all secure in the event of even a minor collision!

Here is a method that might work for you.

Cats associate the carrier with a change of routine and so you must be very careful and try to outsmart them. Don’t bring the pet carrier out right before the trip. Bring the carrier out a day or two before you are leaving on your trip. Place a blanket, a snack and even some catnip inside which might entice them to investigate it. Cats hate being shoved in their carrier with the door slammed shut. If you see your cat go in on her own, close the door for a minute or two then open it again. This sometimes makes your trip a little easier – that’s if your cat isn’t like my cat Millie. Coming soon car sickness – what to do.

Remember, your pets count!

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