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February 2024

Why Do Cats Like to Watch Television?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

CAT TVAre your cats included in the Nielsen ratings?  I don’t think so but some cats are fascinated by the television. What is the reason for this? There was a study where cats were shown a variety of images on TV programs. The most popular programs depicted birds, rodents and fish — natural prey for felines. One possible reason that some cats like to watch TV is that they may have a higher prey drive and are more likely to be attracted to the quick movements of objects across the screen. The TV may be a good escape to a cat who is bored.  It a good idea to try to interact with a cat who is “glued” to the TV. They may get frustrated when they realize that they can’t catch the prey that they see on the screen. To distract her, give her some toys to play with. Even though seeing a cat watch TV is cute, you wouldn’t want to encourage her to go after the mouse running around on the TV screen!

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