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Can’t Find Your Cat? He will Outsmart You!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

CAT HIDINGEvery time I prepare to leave for Delaware, I could rest assure that my cat Millie will find a new hiding place. She doesn’t like the ride and will do anything to try to outsmart me. She’s hidden under beds, in closets, and even in the drawers of my night stand. How she got in there, I’ll never know. Sometimes it takes me up to one hour to find her.

Cats love small, dark, enclosed places. That’s why you find them inside paper bags, cardboard boxes, drawers, closets, and plenty of other strange places. It gives them a sense of security and an opportunity to take a long snooze. Your cat will do anything to become invisible anytime something scares her. In Millies case, she will become invisible anytime there is a trip involved. Last week, she hid in the shower. Remember one thing, they will never stop trying to outsmart you. You have to be one step ahead of them. When I’m about to leave for Delaware, I limit the places where she can hide out. I shut doors to the bedrooms and make sure that all closets are closed. She will still try to hide but at least she has fewer choices.

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