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March 2024

Safe Haven Animal Rescue …….Not so Safe

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

DOG KILLEDI heard some very disturbing news today. Safe Haven Animal Rescue is an organization in Delaware that never believed in euthanizing any pet. In fact that was their main purpose. The held elaborate affairs such as dinners and auctions in order to fund a new, state of the art, no kill animal rescue facility. Due to bad management, and apparently misuse of funds, they closed their dogs and killed 19 innocent animals!  Here is a statement from the Delaware office of animal welfare.

The sad situation that unfolded at Safe Haven over the last several months was brought on by the failures of the dog control system and a lack in shelter oversight.  Recently Safe Haven found itself in a position where it was forced to close its doors.


They bragged that they had 120 dogs adopted. Not enough for me. Not one single dog should have been put down!  They should be ashamed of themselves. At one time, I supported Safe Haven. We attended their auctions and always gave them money. They began holding elaborate events like dinners which most people couldn’t afford. If they stuck to the basics, I’m sure they would have received more contributions. I’m extremely upset that these 19 innocent animals had to be put down. They clearly did not adhere to their word which always included the words “no kill.” Shame on them for their lack of compassion for these animals and lying to the public. If you want to voice your opinion, you can e-mail them at: [email protected]. I certainly did.

Remember your pets count and should not be put down for nothing!


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