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December 2022

Do Cats and Rabbits Get Along?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

CAT RABBITI once had a rabbit as a pet. Her name was Max (short for Maxine). I later brought my cat Molly home. At the time, Molly was only five weeks old and I was concerned about how they would get along once Molly got older. It was very surprising to see that the two got along just fine. In fact, Molly got along much better with Max then she does with my younger cat, Millie.

Although they are enemies in the wild, domestic rabbits and cats can be friends in the home. When introduced to each other in the right conditions, these animals can become amicable roommates. However, proper precaution should always be taken to keep both pets safe and happy. The best time to have them meet would be when both are babies.  That way, they can grow up together and will never know a world that doesn’t include each other. This is a common way to get animals of different species to get along. The combination works best when the cat is calm and submissive and the rabbit is assertive. This was the cat with Molly and Max. Max ruled the roost!

The best way to introduce them is to begin with some brief meetings. Keep some form of separation between them  Remove one of the animals from the meeting if he seems overly scared or is about to lash out. Slowly increase the animals’ time together until they reach the point they are no longer disturbed by one another’s presence.

Good luck with your cat/rabbit combo!

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