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February 2024

Saved By Molly

Saturday, November 2, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

CAT ALARMMy alarm clock usually goes off every weekday morning at 5:45 am. This gives me enough time to get ready and get to work on time. About two nights ago, we lost power in the middle of the night which did something to the alarm clock. When we did regain power, my alarm did not go off. As I was comfortably snoring and was not about to wake up anytime soon, my cat Mollie had to step in and do the job. She got on my nightstand and began knocking things off to get my attention. I heard her but I figured that she just wanted an early breakfast. She then began poking me with her paw. When I didn’t respond, she got on my back and began tugging at the sheets. I finally woke up and realized that the alarm never went off and I was ten minutes behind schedule. I quickly jumped out of bed and began my morning routine. Thanks to Molly for keeping me in check again. I got to work on time and Molly continued with her day, sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping. Sometimes I wish I had a cats life!

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