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Crating Your Dog, How Long is Too Long

Saturday, October 12, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

SAD DOGThere are a lot of dog owners who think that their dog wants to be in their crate all the time. This is silly and not true. No dog should be in his crate for eight hours or more at a time. If you see that he poops in the crate, you know he’s in there too long. So give up those drinks after work and go home and spend time with your dog. Take him for a long walk, after all he’s been in his crate waiting for you all day. Play with him and give him plenty of exercise. In this day and age, we only tend to think of ourselves (me me me). Don’t own a dog if you want to “party” all the time. Come on, enough is enough!  I hear stories of dogs that spend most of their lives in a crate because their owners are too selfish to care for them properly. If you think I’m a bit annoyed, guess what, I am!! Grow up and take proper care of your pet!!

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