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Some Things to Consider When Choosing an Animal Hospital

Saturday, September 21, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

ANIMAL HOSPITALHere are some basic things that you should consider when choosing an animal hospital for your pet.

1. Is the animal hospital full service?  Do they have the following?

  • a lab
  • a pharmacy
  • diagnostic tools (radiograph equipment)
  • a surgery suite
  • a dental suite (dental radiology)

2. Does the animal hospital offer after hours emergency care?

This is very important. I had two pets that needed emergency care on a Sunday. I knew that one animal hospital that was pretty close to where I lived was a 24/7 facility. It really helped.

3. Ask about certification. You expect the best from the team that cares for your pet.  An easy way to understand the animal hospital’s commitment to excellence of care is through their continued certification.

4. Consider the veterinary team and the technology used. Caring for an animal takes a team.  From the person who answers the phone in an emergency and schedules your care, to the veterinarian or veterinary technician, the entire team is important to the care of your cherished pet health care for humans and pets is continuously evolving.  Ensuring your pet gets the best possible care will require a capable team of professionals and cutting edge technology.

Thanks to the Halifax Veterinary Hospital and the Fairview Animal Hospital in Halifax for helping to provide this valuable information.


Remember, your pets count!


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