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Nutrition and Good Bacteria in Pets

Saturday, September 7, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

COCKER SPANIELFor years antibiotics have been used to destroy bad bacteria in a pets body.  Today lots of veterinarians are looking for ways to promote the growth of good bacteria in a pets body using nutrition. Sherry Sanderson, an associate professor at the University of Georgia says that prebiotics are non-digestible ingredients that are added to the pets diet. When they reach the large intestines, they act as a source of nutrition for those large intestinal bacteria and promote good bacteria to thrive in the large intestine. The good bacteria produce energy for the cells that line the intestines and help with the production of nutrients. One of the most common prebiotics found in pet food is fiber. This is listed on the label as  crude fiber or b pulp. Feeding your pet foods that will maintain his health will help you cut back on the cost of pet medication down the road!


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