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Blue Green Algae Is Toxic to Humans and Animals

Saturday, July 27, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

DOG GREEN WATERI just saw a report of a dog who died from drinking in a lake containing blue green algae. While the lake and its environs are well tended by the parks department, lakes do pose some threats to your dogs’ health that are worth considering before turning them loose for a quick dive into the water. If you notice that the water is greenish, don’t let your dog go near it at all. There’s a good chance that it may contain blue green algae.  If you are walking in a wooded area and notice a pond, don’t let your  dog near it. It may be stagnant and contain blue green algae. Always play it safe and stay away.

Lakes also can contain pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals from drainage runoff, and these can irritate your dog’s skin and stomach. Again, you’ll want to be sure the lake is safe for swimming—for you as well as your Always make sure that the lake is clean and there is someone that you can check with regarding the condition of the water.

Always make sure that your dog is allowed to swim in a lake. Usually there are signs posted letting you know if it’s against the rules.

Be sure to bring a towel to dry off your pooch after swimming to avoid irritations and infections. Ears are an especially convenient breeding ground for bacteria, so make sure to dry them.

Remember, your pets count!

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