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March 2024

When do Cats Slow Down?

Saturday, July 20, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

OLDER CATI have two cats one is 14 years old and one is about 8. Mollie, my 14 year old has showed signs of slowing down. Although she’ still in very good health, she sleeps most of the time. She can still jump and run. She sometimes chases my younger cat out of the room because she wants all of the attention. So at what age can you expect your cat to slow down? Again, this depends on the cat. My younger cat, Millie, has showed some signs of slowing down but she is much more active than Mollie. Millie still likes to chase her stick toy and will dash throughout the house for exercise.  I wouldn’t worry about it as look as your veterinarian has given your cat  a clean bill of health.

Here are some signs of slowing down.

  • sleeping more than usual?
  • Not wanting to climb the cat condo as much?
  • Any difficulty grooming the “hard to reach” areas?
  • Difficulty going up or down the stairs, jumping up or down off of favorite perches, etc.?

I would always get your senior cat checked for any potential problems. We all slow down! Don’t I know it!

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