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How much should a puppy and full grown dog eat per day?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

PUPPY SPAGHETTIIn the first eight weeks of life, a puppy should not be separated from it’s mother.¬†Their mother’s milk provides them with the nutrition and antibodies they need to become healthy dogs. At three to four weeks, puppies should begin eating some solid food. You can try mixing three parts food with one part water or puppy replacement milk. This will make the food easier for the puppy to digest. If your puppy begins eating a little solid food before it leaves its mother, it will have an easier time adjusting when you bring it home.

When your puppy is six to eight weeks old, feed him three to four times a day. Choose a puppy food that provides the appropriate balance of nutrients your puppy needs. Be sure it is getting the right amount of protein and calcium, and the proper amount of calories. Check the label to determine if you are feeding your puppy a balanced diet. A specified meat should be the first ingredient on the label.

After eight weeks, feed your puppy twice a day. Puppies begin teething between three to six months. Make sure that he eats nutritious food twice per day. If he gets an upset stomach, take him to the vet.

After six months, feed your dog a high quality food twice per day.

Some of this information was provided by the Dog Breed Info Center.

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