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The Best Way to Transport Your Pet

Saturday, June 29, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

DOG CAR CARRIERWe are a very mobile society. We are taking our pets with us more and more these days. Safety is an important issue when transporting your pet. Let’s say you’re driving 35 miles an hour with a loose 60 pound dog in your car. If you stop suddenly or crash, that dog can have the impact of 2,700 pounds. More alarming facts are posted on Bark Buckle Loose pets are in danger of getting hurt during an accident. They also can cause an accident by distracting their owners.

The best way to transport your pet is in a padded carrier fastened with a seat belt or restraining device in the back seat. Strapping in the pet carrier prevents it from being thrown during an accident.

Pet seat belts are not as effective as a carrier but they are better than having the pet loose in the car. If you choose to use a seatbelt, make sure it’s padded and can adjust to your pet’s size. Test the seatbelt on your pet before you buy it. The latches should be metal rather than plastic and they should be secure.  Pets are safer in the back seat of a car. No matter which restraint you use, place your pet in the back seat. Never let your pet ride in front of an airbag. Have a happy summer with your pet.

Remember, your pets count!

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