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Getting Your Cat to Like Taking a Trip

Friday, May 24, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

Another holiday weekend is here and many of us will take to the roads and take our pets with us. We love to travel but do our pets?  My older cat Mollie, once feared and hated her cat carrier. As soon as I would take it out, she would hide. This delayed the start of what was to be a great getaway weekend. When I did finally find her under a bed, in a closet or cabinet, iIt was difficult getting her to go inside the carrier. She would resist and I would  have to practically shove her inside! I have a weekend home in Delaware which has a screened in porch. I would leave her cat carrier on the porch with the door open. She loves going on the porch and eventually would go into her carrier and take a nap. I would frequently give her a snack in the carrier. Now, she no longer fears her carrier and spends many hours inside when it’s on the porch. If you bring home a new kitten, try to get her used to her cat carrier right away. Keep the carrier within your cats sight with the door open, put in a soft blanket and some of her favorite toys. Feed her inside the carrier and before you know it, getting her inside will no longer be such a chore.

Good luck and have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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