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February 2024

Will Cat Urine Get Rid of Mice?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

There are many theories on this topic. Some experts do not believe that the smell of cat urine will cause mice to “scram” but from my experience, I believe that he smell of cat urine just may keep the mice away. I own a mobile home in Delaware for over eight years now. Mice can get into a mobile home quite easily and most of my neighbors have had mice in their homes at one point or another. I never had any mice (lots of bugs but no mice). I always take my two cats with me. I leave the kitty litter out when I leave and I believe that this may keep away, pesky mice.  If you want to try this, I recommend that you buy unscented kitty litter. In order for the mice to smell the cat urine, the kitty litter must not cover up the scent with perfumes and odor-block features. Keep an eye out for mice droppings. The are small, dark ovals. If you do have mice, place the litter in an area where you think the mice are entering. See if this works. Maybe you could prove the theory that cat urine does keep the mice away!

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