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Giving a cat a Pill/Molly’s Condition

Saturday, April 6, 2013
posted by Jim Murphy

Cats love taking pills as much as they love taking a bath! It is a very difficult task to drop a small pill into a cat’s mouth. The key is to keep your kitty calm then gently place your thumb and middle finger at the hinge of his jaws, gently pry open his mouth. Without yanking or holding too tightly, tilt the head back slightly, so you can see the back of your cat’s mouth, where the tongue begins. Drop the pill in the center of your cat’s mouth, quickly close his mouth and rub is neck to make him swallow it.  Once he closes his mouth, give him a small amount of water from a dropper.  This is still a difficult task!

My older cat Molly began vomiting a few days ago and yesterday I took her to the vet. She got a series of tests including blood work. Outside of being anemic, she was diagnosed with gastroenteritis. I have to give her an antibiotic twice a day for about a week. Believe me, trying to get her to take her pill was impossible. After swatting and hissing at me every time I attempted to drop the pill in her mouth, I decided to give up. I got a supply of “pill pockets” by Greenies from my vet. You place the pill inside of a tasty snack and hopefully she’ll eat it. AAAH! It worked! Hopefully I can continue this method until she is done with her medication.

Molly is doing much better, the vomiting has stopped. Hopefully her stools will also return to normal.

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