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Housebreaking a Puppy – what do you do when the little guy has an accident? Get out the pet odor removal products!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

cute-puppy-guilty-lookYou just brought home your adorable new puppy. Now comes the hard part, training him. Each puppy conquers housebreaking  at a different rate. I would avoid paper training or using training pads. While this method has long been promoted as easy and acceptable, it also teaches your dog that going indoors is acceptable. I did this for my little Chihuahua and he would think it was fine to lift his leg in the house. Using a crate to train your new puppy is an excellent and a very effective method. This method is effective because your puppy will learn that he has to go outdoors.  Puppies have very small bladders and it will take a few months for them to get through the night without going. You need to be patient just like you would with a new baby. Crate training encourages the right kind of behavior.  Typically, a new puppy will need to go outside every two or three hours. This is why it is very important that you are there to spend time with him. Here’s a schedule that may be helpful to you.

7:00 am  –    take puppy outside

7:20 am –     give food and water to the puppy in his crate.

7:45 -am –    take puppy outside

11:30am –     take puppy outside

12:0o pm –   give food and water to the puppy in his crate.

12:45 pm-    take puppy outside

2:30pm –      take puppy outside

4:30pm –      take puppy outside

5:00pm –     give food and water to puppy in his crate.

5:30 pm       take puppy outside

After about an hour, take puppy for a short walk and spend time playing. This is very important in a puppy’s development. It will also help the puppy with sleeping through the night.

7:30pm       Remove any food and water for the night

8:30pm        Take the puppy outside

9:30 pm      Put the puppy in his crate to sleep.

Most likely for a few weeks your puppy will not be able to get through the night without going. Listen for any restlessness or whining in the night. If you hear him, get up and take him outside to go. You must be patient. Owning a dog is a big responsibility. Never ever punish your puppy if he has an accident!! Just get the pet odor removal products and clean it up.

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