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December 2023

The Right Food Combination for your cats

Friday, November 30, 2012
posted by Jim Murphy

I would never recommend giving a cat table food. Once in awhile, a lean piece of turkey or beef would be OK for a treat only. Cats need lots of protein. Make sure that you buy a quality cat food and read the label to ensure that it contains the proper nutrients. I have two cats and feed them once per day. Always make sure there is lots of fresh water on hand. Cats eat very small amounts at a time so I leave the food out all day even though my vet recommended that I take it away. You have to use your own good judgement. In this case, I didn’t agree with my vet because cats unlike like dogs  go back and forth to their dish all day. So I would always recommend leaving your cats food out all day.

I feed my cats one half can of wet food each and a handful of dry food each. I buy several kinds of dry food and mix them for variety. In the evening, I give them a few treats each for them to enjoy. They seem to do very well on this diet. The key is try to vary the food a bit. Don’t switch brands. Stick with one good brand but vary the flavors. Include some wet food  and you’ll have a healthy, happy cat!

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