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Getting your cat used to travel by car

Sunday, November 25, 2012
posted by Jim Murphy

My cats travel with me to Delaware on a regular basis. The trip is about 216 miles. It took time and patience to get them used to the car but now, I must say that they are pretty good and sleep most of the way. At first, my younger cat Millie would vomit while in her carrier. Here are some ways to get your cat used to the car.

Before putting your cat in his crate, get him used to the car by letting him roam around a bit and place his scent on the seats, doors, etc. Make sure that he doesn’t climb under the dashboard as my cat Millie tried to do. Take a blanket or your cats bed with his  scent on it and place it in the back seat, You can place the blanket  in your cats carrier. You may consider buying a spray scent that will calm him down. Check with your vet to get is recommendations on the best product to buy.

Place your cat in his carrier and place him in the back seat. Take him for several short rides at first. Hopefully after awhile, your cat will be ready to make his first longer trip.

Keep in mind that some cats never get used to the car. Ask your vet about medication that will calm him down in this case. Use this as a last resort after you are certain that your cat will not get used to riding in the car.

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