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How much time should you spend with your cat?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012
posted by Jim Murphy

Cats are not like dogs in that dogs require attention almost all the time but cats are social creatures that do require your love, affection and time. I mentioned this several times in the past but if you’re never home or working constantly even when you are home —–STOP——Please don’t adopt a cat.  For gosh sake, don’t throw your cat in the basement and leave him there never to socialize with humans!!  They shouldn’t be treated like a piece of furniture and just because they seem to function fine when left alone, they do get lonely and require lots of love and attention like dogs.

When I’m home, I make sure that my cats have enough playtime, especially in the evening. Even if I’m tired, my younger cat Millie wants to play with her stick toy. I make sure she plays every night. In the morning, as soon as I get out of the shower, my older cat, Mollie is sitting there expecting to be brushed. Even though I’m in a hurry to get ready for work, I always take the time to brush her.

In the evening, they both want their snacks and I make sure that I’m here to give it to them. I frequently pet and talk to them. There’s nothing better than watching TV in the evening with Mollie snuggled next to me.

Treat your cats well!

Remember, your pets count!



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