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What to do if your dog goes missing

Sunday, October 14, 2012
posted by Jim Murphy

If your dog suddenly goes missing, your mind will go blank, that feeling of dread will come over you and you won’t know what to do first. Now lets think clearly.

  • Hopefully your dog is either micro-chipped or his collar contains your name, address and phone numbers. This information is vital for the safe return of your dog.
  • Have someone stay at home and man the phones in case someone calls with information about your dog. Take your cell phone with you when you start your search.
  • Have the person at home call local animal hospitals, shelters, police, etc.
  • Leave a description, picture of your dog and phone numbers at all locations that you check on. (Animal hospitals, shelters etc.)
  • Bring some bait with you like a bag of treats that you usually shake at home. Any other sounds that your dog is familiar with will help as well.
  • Bring business cards, a pad of paper where you can write down any specific information like phone numbers of anyone who helps you with the search.
  • Give your phone number to anyone you run in to.
  • There are also Web sites like or Craigslist where you can post your dog’s disappearance to get your word out to the concerned citizens in your area. Your local shelter or veterinarian may also be able to recommend good Internet resources for your area.
  • Create a poster with a picture of your dog and all other pertinent information
  • Check online and check the local newspaper to see if anyone has posted a notice that they have found a dog that matches yours.
  • Don’t give up. If your dog had proper identification from his collar or a microchip, chances are good you would have been notified if he had been found injured or worse. No news can be good news.

Hopefully your dog will be found safe and sound!

Remember, your pets count!

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