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Protect your pet against other dangerous pets because the law doesn’t!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012
posted by Jim Murphy


This is a direct quotation from yesterdays newspaper.

Corine Adams watched helplessly last month as a pit bull darted through traffic, lunged at her daughter’s dog and locked its jaws around the 5 pound bichon frise’s throat as the family walked home from a Teaneck park. Police rushed the dog, Melo to a nearby veterinary hospital where he died. The owner expected the township to impound the pit bull, but the Bergen County Animal Shelter – which serves as animal control for Teaneck and 36 other Bergen towns – didn’t schedule a hearing until nearly a month later. Nancy Mangieri, director of the Bergen County Department of Health Services stated that they have no legal right to impound an animal to animal attack, unless it meets some criteria to do so. (This poor dog is dead, what more criteria does she need!)

This is a very disturbing story about how the law can work against you. The owner of the pit bull should have been charged and the dog should have been impounded immediately.

One time a pit bull was off a leash in a park in Hoboken, NJ where I was walking my Chiwhawha, the dog charged at me and grabbed my dog by the neck. I was able to pull him free. I ran after the man and then went to the police who did nothing!  I had to take my dog to the vet for a couple of stitches. I was lucky, but there are so many inconsiderate people out there who should not own an animal and the law does nothing when situations like this occur. Protect your pet. As soon as you see a dog that is loose and not being watched. Grab your pet, pick him up and get away!

Remember, your pets count!


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