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March 2023

Cat sleeping habits

Thursday, June 21, 2012
posted by Jim Murphy

All cats spends at least 85% of their time either sleeping of resting. Don’t you wish you had that much time to rest?  A young kitten will sleep pretty much all day and night.  It was thought that in the wild, a cat or kitten is safe when it’s asleep.  Cats frequently take a catnap or a light sleep.  When a cat takes a catnap, their bodies are not completely at rest. If they had to, they could get up and run  away quickly.  During the night, cats have two types of sleep. How soundly at cat sleeps depends on it’s age, diet and environment.  Older cats sleep more than young cats. My cat Mollie is 13 years old and sleeps a lot more than my younger cat, Millie. If a cat is over weight, they will spend more time sleeping. Cats can sleep deeply during the day. A cat in a deep sleep lies either flat or curled up. His total body is in a relaxed state.  Cats do dream and sometimes you’ll notice his face twitching.  Another sign of deep sleep is rapid eye movement.

Don’t worry about the fact that your cat is sleeping too much, it’s perfectly normal and part of his lifestyle.

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