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Thursday, October 8, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy
Millie, our adopted cat

Millie, our adopted cat

Some people are content with owning only one cat. If you are a cat lover, cats can become addictive. You have one but wind up adopting several. Is owning more than one cat right for the cat that you already own? Let me tell you about my story. I went to an arts and crafts fair in Ocean City, Maryland about four years ago. Before we got into the fair, we stopped by the pet adoption booth in front. There were so many cats waiting for adoption. There was one cat who seemed so sad. This cat was about four months old and had been abandoned by it’s  owner.  While I was strolling through the fair, I kept thinking about  this little cat. As we were leaving, we stopped by and saw this little cat staring at us. W

e then got into the parking lot and before we got into our car, we stopped and decided to go back in and adopt her. Her name was originally Katrina but we changed it to Millie.  Since I already had a cat, Mollie, I never thought there would be such a problem. There was, a big one. Mollie would not accept Millie and was furious that I had done this to her. She growled at me especially when Millie was around, spit at us and would hiss and swat Millie. It took many months. Mollie eventually warmed up but to this day, she will not accept Millie. She tolerates her but does things to ensure her seniority in the household. She blocks entrances so that Millie cannot get into a room. At one point, she even blocked the litter box which caused another crisis. She would eat up all the food so that Millie would be left with little or nothing. Most of these things have been resolved but I still need to watch them. If you have a female adult cat and adopt another female, chances are you will have the same problem that I have. If you have a male and adopt a female, the situation may not be as bad. If you adopt both as kittens, you won’t have any problem and they will probably grow up being best friends. There will be a little more work with multiple cats so you may want to get several litter boxes or even a couple of self cleaning litter boxes which will save you some work. I’m glad that I adopted my second cat, Millie. She has a much better life than she would have had. She knows that she is loved and is very spoiled. We just have to watch out for her big sister!

Mollie, our older cat

Mollie, our older cat

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