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December 2023

The Best Way to Housetrain a Dog

Tuesday, October 6, 2009
posted by PetsRule


If you look at dogs from an evolutionary point of view, you’ll find that – much like their wild ancestors – these animals are den dwellers by nature. They enjoy the personal security an enclosed space affords them, and it’s much easier to protect a coveted bone or rawhide strip if the dog can see everyone who dares to approach. Crate training might seem a bit cruel at first, but it’s easily the most effective way to housetrain a puppy.

The most important consideration is how to make the crate a warm, inviting home for the dog each night. Try lining the space with a dog crate pad and throwing in a few favorite blankets and toys. Don’t lock the dog in until he becomes accustomed to the crate. Then begin training him to stay in the crate at night; he’ll soon learn the importance of using the bathroom before bedtime.

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