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Feeding your cat properly will help keep him healthy and reduce the need for pet medications.

Friday, September 25, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

cats-eatingNow that you’ve adopted your new kitten or cat, what kind of food should you feed him? We usually choose high quality food for us so you should do the same for your new kitten.  Higher quality pet food is better for your cats health. The pet food that you choose should coincide with your cats lifestyle, current health status and physical condition. For instance, if you adopt a full grown cat, you would not choose a food that is made for kittens. The ASPCA recommends a “complete high quality  food made by a reliable manufacturer approved in feeding trials by the America Association of Feed Control Officers (AAFCO). Look for these words on the label:

* “Complete and Balanced” –  Since government agencies regulate what’s put on labels, these words would indicate that this is healthy for your cat.

* AAFCO Statement –  This shows that the food has passed many rigorous tests.

* Animal Protein – This should be the first ingredient on the label and should consist of either chicken, liver,fish or beef. I would not select a food without any of these  ingredients.

* Dry Weight Protein – This should be at least 26% for an adult cat. Kittens will need more.

* Manufacturer – Make sure that the food is made by a reputable manufacturer. Stay away from generic and store brands.  Saving money on the front end can cost you lots more in veterinary bills and pet medication.

* Contact info – Make sure there is contact information on the label in the event that you would like to find out more about the manufacturer.

I split a small can of wet food between my two cats and mix two kinds of dry food in their bowls each day. I also spoil them by giving them a few snacks each evening.

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