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March 2023

Healthy weight for cats

Sunday, October 2, 2011
posted by Jim Murphy

Yesterday, we spoke of healthy weights for dogs. We’re going to continue with this theme today and discuss healthy weight for cats. Some cats are naturally slim, like my younger cat Millie. They are perfectly healthy at this weight. Many times I thought that she was a little too thin but now I realize that this is just the right weight for her. Other cats who appear thin may not be eating enough or may have a health issue. To check your cat for undernourishment, place your thumb on the cats spine and run your fingers lightly along both side of her rib cage. You should be able to feel a thin layer of fat between your finger and her ribs. The ribs should not be visible. Unlike a dog, slightly protruding shoulder blades are normal for a cat. When viewed from above, like a dog, your cat should have an hourglass shape. If your underweight cat seems to have a normal feeding routine and she seems to be eating, take her in for an exam. Your veterinarian can also help you analyze your cat’s diet.

Give her lots of cat toys, a fair amount or treats, lots of attention, a good diet and lots of love. Remember, your pets count!

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