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Why do Doberman’s always get a bad rap?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011
posted by Jim Murphy

The Doberman Pinscher is a unique dog. They have a beautiful, athletic body and a strong intelligent mind. They are loyal, watchful, and smart dogs.  People say a lot of things that are not true of a Doberman’s temperament.  Some say that they are stubborn and can be vicious.  The fact is any dog not properly cared for can become dangerous.  All dogs need to be respected. The Doberman as with other dog breeds must be properly trained. You can’t expect to go out and adopt a Doberman like your would go out and buy a leather jacket.  It takes knowledge of the breed, patience and consistent training. This is true will all dog breeds.

We need to understand that viciousness is a behavior and all behavior is a result of instinct and conditioning. If a dog becomes vicious, it feels threatened. We would display that same behavior whether it be verbal or physical if we were put in a threatening situation. A Doberman is bred to have a confident temperament.  They don’t usually feel threatened unless they really have a good reason. They are less likely to over react with viciousness or biting.

The Doberman is bred to be at the side of man assisting him in some of the most intense and dangerous jobs. The Doberman must be strong in all areas.  Don’t believe some of the things that you hear. The Doberman is a wonderful pet and companion. Remember, your pets count!

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