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December 2022

Dog Clothing – winter’s coming get out that fleece dog coat

Tuesday, September 1, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

dogs-in-fancy-clothingThe weather here in the north east will be getting chilly before we know it. It’s time to go clothing shopping for your dog. Some dogs are lucky enough to be true members of the family. Dogs can have a wide variety of clothes such as fleece dog coats, fancy sweaters, sweatshirts with a hood and even boots for when it snows or rains. They usually also have fancy dog beds that are even inscribed with their names and a toy box that is overflowing with expensive toys.  Can dogs still be fashionable even if they’re nude? Does nudity still work with dogs or do we have to cover them up?  The main reason that dog owners choose to put clothing on their dog is for warmth, protection and just for the fun of it. It a previous posting, I mentioned that walking that cute dog with the fancy coat in a park will get attention. You may even meet the person of your dreams because of that diamond studded dog coat. Protection and warmth is the main reason why you would choose to put clothing on your dog but that can also be debatable. I know that I couldn’t stand to see my little Chihuahua shivering in the cold so I bought him a couple of heavy coats. Whatever you decide to do, their are many kinds of dog clothing to choose from. Your dog is truly part of your family. Why not get him his own wardrobe? If you have a female, you may want to include some fancy dresses.  Ladies, please don’t tell your husbands that I suggested this because I will surely be in trouble!!

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