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Travelling by car with your cat

Thursday, August 4, 2011
posted by Jim Murphy

If you are going on a trip and are taking your cat with you, here are some things to remember if you’re going by car. It can be dangerous to leave your cat loose in the car. They can cause an accident by getting under the drivers feet or escape and become lost if a window or door is open. You will need to invest in a sturdy cat carrier which will be much safer for you and your cat.  Make sure that the carrier is easy to clean in the event that your cat urinates during the trip. Avoid cardboard or very cheap carriers. There’s nothing worse than a frightened cat getting loose while you’re behind the wheel!  Make sure that the carrier has good air flow. Keep your cat in the back seat if possible. My younger cat, Millie doesn’t like to be left in the back seat. I’ll be travelling with her and my older cat, Mollie tomorrow. I’ll place Millie’s carrier in the front seat (not my preference, but hers) and strap the seat belt around it.

Never leave your cat in the car alone in the hot sun. We spoke of how fast the temperature rises in previous posts. Be careful and pay attention.  Don’t leave doors open even if the cat is in her carrier!

Have a safe trip with your pet. Remember your pets count!

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