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You buy the cat bed, the kitty litter, the cat bowl but do you adopt a kitten or a full grown cat?

Thursday, August 27, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

cat-in-animal-shelterMost people go to an animal shelter and see the cute little kittens that are up for adoption. The kittens always go first. One of the saddest things you’ll see in an animal shelter is the older cats waiting for adoption.  Most of these poor cats came from a loving home where someone fed and cared for them. Maybe the owner passed away or for some other reason they had to be put up for adoption. This is heartbreaking. Many people who adopt kittens, adopt them because they are cute and cuddly. Kittens lose their playfulness as they get older and with it sometimes the love of their owners!  Here are some things to remember if you do adopt a kitten. Do you have small children in the house? A child that is 2 or 3 may inadvertently kill a small kitten. Do you have any other pets? Make sure that you acclimate your new kitten to the others pets in the house. Is your house safe? If you’re not home during the day, make sure that your kitten is in a safe place.  Has the kitten been vaccinated?  It is imperative to have your kitten vaccinated right away.

One final note. They say a true cat lover is one that will adopt a full grown cat. Are you a true cat lover? Before you go out and get the new cat bed, cat toys etc. decide if your are going to adopt a kitten or full grown cat. Keep in mind that the older cat once was loved and now is stuck in a cage all alone. Maybe you can make him feel loved again!

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  1. Jeff Howard says:

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