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Traveling with your cat? Make sure that the cat is in the cat carrier!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009
posted by Jim Murphy

cats-in-bedI have two cats. One cat does not mind traveling in her cat carrier at all. My younger cat on the other hand, always gets sick while in her carrier. I frequently travel about 215 miles to Delaware and I always take both of my cats. My younger cat will do fine if she is sitting in the front drivers seat outside of her carrier. I chanced this a few times but was very uncomfortable throughout the trip. I feared that if I had to stop short, she would go flying. I heard a story which made me revise my current method of having her lie on the front seat next to me. A friend of mine, always let her cat lie in the back seat of her car while traveling. The cat was never in her cat carrier. One day, a truck cut her off, the car swerved, hit a telephone pole and the right side of the car was smashed and the windows broken. Glass was everywhere! My friend was not hurt but her cat was gone! No where to be found!  It turns out that the cat got so frightened, that it jumped out of the window when the car hit the telephone pole. The story does have a happy ending. This cat had a micro chip inside her. Someone rescued her, took her to the nearest animal shelter. When she was “scanned” the owners name, address and phone number was retrieved. The cat was alright except for a few scratches. My friend was very lucky. I hope that everyone reading this takes away two important facts. First, always keep your cat in his cat carrier. Second, when you adopt a kitten, have your vet inject a micro chip in him. It is painless and the chip contains all of the important owner contact information!

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