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April 2024

Do cats miss their owners when they’re gone?

Sunday, April 3, 2011
posted by Jim Murphy

cats-playing-with-toysI had to go out of town overnight this weekend. I just got home and when I first got in, my cats seemed to ignore me. It seemed that they may were a little “miffed” that I left them for awhile. I usually take them with me. Now they’re back to normal.  Unlike, children, cats cannot give their owners verbal feedback on how they coped in your absence.

There are signs to look for if you’re leaving your cat with a sitter.  The sitter may notice that the cat is not eating as much as usual. They may not want to play with their cat toys. If there is no medical condition, it’s safe to assume that your cat is simply missing you and has decided not to eat for awhile.  They probably don’t feel as secure or content as they are when you’re there. The best thing that the sitter can do is encourage the cat to eat by placing fresh food and water in your cat’s bowl everyday. He should start eating again after he adjusts to the fact that you’re not around.

Cats could also act differently when you’re gone. A docile cat may starting picking fights with his companion for no apparent reason.  This could be a sign that the cat owner’s absence is causing anxiety and even insecurity. The sitter should not intervene unless the fight is vicious. As soon as you return home, your cat will behave as if you were never gone.

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