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A heartwarming story of survival

Saturday, March 26, 2011
posted by Jim Murphy

boxer-snowI was reading today about a boxer named Roxy who during the Dec. 26th blizzard, broke lose from her dog leash, leapt over the fence of her Staten Island home  and went on a two month adventure on her own. She must have gotten onto the Staten Island Expressway which was just a few blocks from her home and started running. She wound up in New Jersey, made it into Hudson County and ended up in Guttenberg which is about 20 miles away. Her exact route is unclear but she was picked up by the Guttenberg Police on March 5th  after being spotted in the road without a leash. She almost got hit by a car. Roxy was well trained, didn’t seem intimidated or nervous at police headquarters and even gave a “high five” to one of the police officers. The officer took her to the Oradell Animal Shelter in Paramus where she was happily reunited with her owners more than two months later. An incredible story since the winter in the  north east this year was brutal. Maybe Roxy had enough of the snow and decided to leave like we wish we could do. A great and happy ending and an incredible dog!

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  1. Phil Molina says:

    It was a rough 2 months after she disappeared. I never gave up though, she’s such a great dog. I’m so glad she’s home again.

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