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Preventing your cats from jumping on furniture

Thursday, March 10, 2011
posted by Jim Murphy

cat-tableCats are climbers by nature so this is a tough one. If you wish to own a cat, keep in mind that they will jump on your furniture. There are certain places where you don’t want your cat to jump. One place is the dining room or kitchen table. Here are some suggestions that could help to keep your cat off of the furniture.

Provide an alternate nesting spot. Preferably elevated. My younger cat likes to sleep in her cat bed that’s on the second level of her cat scratching post. She seems to like the fact that’s it’s above the ground.  Try rubbing catnip into it to attract her. If your cat is nesting on the furniture, place a box or other object to obstruct it or spray it with bitter-apple cat repellent. When she does go to this place, say “no”firmly. Remove her if she jumps on a place where she’s not supposed to be.  Be consistent and provide her with plenty of affection when she behaves well.

Of course, I spoiled both of my cats and they have the run of the house. They climb on the couch, bed or chair which I don’t mind but always remember that cats will climb and be patient. Don’t rush back and dump your cat back at the shelter. Too many people do not do their homework when adopting a pet. This is one of the main reasons why so many sweet pets end up homeless once again!

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