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Some facts about Border Collies

Monday, March 7, 2011
posted by Jim Murphy

border-collie-2Border Collies always need a job to do. They are the real “workaholics” of the dog world. They  need to be kept busy, whether it’s herding, fetching a dog toy like a frisbee, flyball etc. If you don’t give a Border Collie the physical and mental exercise that he needs, he will destroy everything!  Not just a pair of socks. He’ll destroy things like Mattresses, sofa cushions, recliners  and carpets. These are big ticket items. They could also seriously harm themselves by ingesting foreign objects. So plenty of exercise is the most important.

Border Collies also try to herd cars, which puts them in danger of being hit. Border Collies do best in a fenced-in yard.  They are extremely athletic and can jump over a six foot fence if they decide it’s worth the trouble. Border Collies will not necessarily do well with other animals in the house either, because … you guessed it — they will try to herd them.

These dogs are highly intelligent and will try to think, think and think everything through. They’ve been called the most intelligent breed in the world. So prospective owners should ask themselves, “Do I want a dog who’s smarter than me? If so this dog is for you!

This breed makes an affectionate and extraordinarily devoted pet. They are sweet and sensitive. They are even known for reading their owner’s minds . They are really not barkers but can be good watchdogs, as they are reserved with strangers and are naturally protective of their family and home.

This is the easiest of all dog breeds to train.  The Border Collie does do lots of shedding so grooming is very important.

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