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My cat doesn’t like when I spend too much time on the computer

Sunday, February 27, 2011
posted by Jim Murphy

cat-keyboradRunning my online pet business, writing my pet blog and programming my internet radio stations requires a lot of time on the computer. I spend several hours a day doing this. My older cat, Molly likes to have my attention all the time. Every day, while I’m on the computer, she will jump up and try to pull my arm away from the keyboard. If I don’t get off, she will let out a “meow” of disgust, swat me and run away. So I do believe that our pets do get angry at us.

There is a story of a person who had to go out of town. She left the cat alone for one night with plenty of food and water. When she returned home, she found that her cat pooped on the floor and peed in her bed. Now I would agree that this cat was pretty mad at her owner.

I do believe that cats have their regular routine and if that routine is broken or changed, they actually get angry at their owners. My older cat Mollie also will jump up and swat me while I’m getting into bed sometimes. She wants me to stay up with her. She doesn’t even want to play with her cat toys, she just doesn’t want me to go to bed yet!

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