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February 2024

How your dog communicates

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
posted by Jim Murphy


Did you know that they type of bark that your dog gives, in an indication of what they are trying to communicate to you. Here are some kinds of barks and what they mean.

  • Continuous fast barking at a medium pitch – This indicates a problem like a stranger entering the house or yard.
  • Continuous slow barking at a low pitch – The intruder is close by.
  • Fast barking with pauses every three or four seconds – He is warning you that there is an approaching problem and he wants you to investigate.
  • Long, drawn out barks at a high pitch with pauses in between – He is lonely and needs your company.
  • One or two high pitched barks – This is a normal greeting
  • One bark at a normal pitch – He is alert and curious.
  • Short back in a high pitch – He is showing you surprise. If he repeats it twice, he’s saying ” hey look at this.”
  • Brief bark at a medium pitch – He is happy.
  • Faltering Bark at a medium– he wants to play with you or his dog toys.
  • Howl or short bark with high pitch – This indicates pain.
  • Repeated howls at regular intervals – He is in extreme pain and need immediate attention. This may also indicate that something is really scaring them.
  • High pitched barks that sound desperate without any reason – He is just probably letting off some steam.

Pay attention to your dog’s barks. He is speaking to you and you should know what he is trying to tell you!

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