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The Holidays are here, time to shop for our pets

Saturday, November 20, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

santa-catAccording to a survey that was done by Pet Smart, over 95% of us plan to give a Christmas present to our dog or cat.  Even though our pets don’t know the significance of a holiday, they love to receive a new dog or cat toy or some treats that they could munch on. Some good ideas are toys that dispense treats. There are lots of  balls, bones or boxes which you can put treats in.  These toys stimulate a dogs brain as well as his appetite.  If your dog is an active one, and likes to fetch, get him a new F risbee or ball.  If you dog is a swimmer, you can buy a floating toy which he will fetch for you while in the water.  If a Frisbee is too hard, you can choose softer flying discs which won’t hurt your dogs teeth.

How about cats? I own two and one cat loves anything that dangles from a stick. There are lots of cat fishing pole cat toys to choose from. My older cat likes to cuddle up in her favorite places and prefers peace and quiet. I would choose a kitty condo or a comfy cat bed for her. Cats are more about comfort then fetching and playing. That’s except if your cat is like my younger cat, Millie who must play every evening, that’s EVERY evening. It doesn’t matter if I’m busy, tired or sick, I must play with Millie. Another thought would be a video of something moving like birds flying.  This would be a great gift for a cat.

Whatever you do this holiday season, lets not forget about our little best friends. Happy shopping!


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