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December 2022

My spiteful kitty!

Sunday, November 14, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy
Mollie, my spiteful kitty!

Mollie, my spiteful kitty!

Actually, cats are not spiteful creatures but if something in their little world gets out of balance, you will notice some behavior changes. This weekend, I had a guest visiting. My guest is not comfortable around cats and my older cat, Mollie senses this. It came time for bedtime. I had my guest stay in our guest bedroom. My guest closed the door and went to bed. During the night, I heard scratching at the guest room door. It was Mollie reminding my guest that this was her house and that nobody belonged in that bedroom.

This morning, my guest told me that when she got up to use the bathroom during the night, there was Mollie blocking the doorway and meowing. Mollie clearing was saying that my guest had no business using the bathroom!

Later this morning, I noticed a stain on the floor next to the guest bedroom door and another one in front of the guest bathroom door. I got out the pet stain remover and as I leaned over to remove it, I realize that the stain was urine! Molly decided that clawing at the guest bedroom door, meowing and blocking the bathroom door wasn’t enough to emphasize the fact that my guest wasn’t welcome. So she peed to make sure that my guest got the message!

My guest left later this morning and all is well in Mollies little world again.

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