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March 2024

Can you tame a feral cat?

Sunday, October 24, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

feral-cats-1Even though a feral cat may look like a regular house cat, they are actually very different. Feral cats can survive in the wild without any human contact or interaction. Feral cats are actually happier outside in their own territory.  They have their own hierarchies and exhibit their own natural behavior.

My older cat Mollie was born a feral cat. She was part of a group of them that lived behind my apartment complex in the swamp land. I found her under a car on a very cold damp, October night. I put my hand out and she actually walked over to me. She was only five weeks old and in perfect health.

Adopting an older feral cat is very different and difficult. Their behavior patterns have already been established.  It would be very hard to socialize an older feral cat. They do better in their own outdoor environment.  Even if you feed them and give them cat treats, they still may never come around to accept humans.

One Response to “Can you tame a feral cat?”

  1. lauren says:

    what if the feral cat’s children have been adopted by family that feeds her? she has become more affectionate, lets us pet her and doesn’t run away when we feed her….can she be brought in?

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