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June 2023

GDV or bloat in dogs is life threatening!

Saturday, October 23, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

great-daneI heard a story about a women who was watching a friends dogs while the owner was on vacation. The dog suddenly got very ill and tried to vomit. He died when he got to the hospital. What happened?  The dog had bloat or GDV (gastric dilation and volulus). What this means is that the stomach distends with gas and then twists thus cutting off the blood supply.  Emergency treatment is needed within 5 to 24 hours or the dog will surely die.  What kind of dogs get bloat? Usually  large breeds that tend to be older. If caught early enough, surgery is done to untwist the stomach and then secure it so it can’t twist again.  Great Danes are the dogs that are most commonly affected by bloat. Labs, Golden Retrievers even Poodles and German Shepherds are also affected.  How could this be prevented? First of all, you should exercise your dog regularly but not right after he eats. Wait awhile before taking him out for exercise.Feed your dog 2 to 3 meals per day, and minimize the fat/oil content. Also limit the amount of dog treats as these usually contain fat.  Surgery is also an option for high risk dogs. As mentioned earlier, the stomach is secured in place preventing it from twisting.

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