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Down real estate forces some condo’s and coop’s to change their rules regarding pets.

Monday, September 13, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

dog-boxI know I’ve written about this topic several times. It’s one that I really feel passionate about. The reason why I’m writing about it again today is that today, a note was slipped under my door which read “Pets Coming to Grand Cove?” It went on to say that a vote is being taken to allow both dogs and cats into our condo community. There are currently no pets allowed but they really don’t say anything about cats. I have two cats and when I moved here about ten years ago, I was so paranoid that someone may see me bringing in a cat that I covered my cat’s cage with a bunch of blankets and “smuggled” her in. Now isn’t it ridiculous that we have to do that? Our pets are our family and should be allowed where ever we choose to live. There is a reason why pets are now being considered here at Grand Cove. The reason is that the real estate market is lousy and in order to be competitive in this market, allowing pets may make sales easier.

For many years most coop and condo communities here in north jersey “snubbed” pets.  Pets should always be allowed in my opinion, most people have pets and if you’re investing so much money in a place to live, it doesn’t make sense not to allow our pets.

I do believe that rules need to be established and followed. Fines should be issued to careless people who are not following the rules properly. For example, areas should be designated where pets can and cannot be walked. All dogs must be kept on their dog leash when outside and  a limit as  to the amount of pets one owner could have should be part of the rules and regulations.

It was encouraging to see this “change of heart” but did it have to occur because of a down real estate market?

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