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Do cats like music?

Sunday, September 12, 2010
posted by Jim Murphy

cat-headphonesI have two cats. Mollie, my older cat and the younger one, Millie. I’m a music lover and run three online internet radio stations each with a different format. When I listen to my oldies station, my cat Mollie, usually sleeps in her bed next to the speaker and does not pay any attention.

Edgewater Gold Radio

When I listen to my vocal and popular standard station, she actually gets up and sits on the chair right next to the speaker and listens very attentively and actually seems to enjoy the music.

Movin Easy Net Radio

When I listen to my country station, she actually leaves the room and sleeps in the bedroom. I guess that’s saying something for her taste for country music.

Constant Country KRS

My younger cat, Millie, pays no attention to music, but does like to watch TV.

Feline reactions to music are quite variable. Some react with fear while others seem to really enjoy certain types of music. Austrian scientists have found that cats seem to prefer instruments such as the oboe or deep bass. There was one cat owner who listened to an easy listening radio station and said that her cat changed it to hard rock when she left the room!  Overall, they found that cats prefer fast beats to slow beats and deep tones to high pitched tones.

Don’t go out and buy an Oboe or Bass just yet, stick to your basic cat toys! Your cat will love you especially if you’re playing her favorite music while she plays with her toys.

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